Artist Statement

My art springs from a desire to communicate the intense experience of being in this world, our need to slow the world down, to gather ourselves, and to seek tranquility.  I hope to engage the viewer in an aesthetic dialogue and create an opportunity for reflection and empathy.

There is inner beauty in every sentient being. My portraits aim to represent the energy, presence and vibrancy of life that inheres in every one of us. In mysterious ways, people create space around themselves, radiating cognizant awareness with their gaze. It is this intangible atmosphere that entices us to connect with one another and to communicate. My large-scale oil portraits amplify this subtle, luminous space; they draw the viewer into the paintings and make it hard to remain indifferent. It is my hope that this momentary but intense focus on the Other helps us to overcome the limiting perspective of our egos.

In my abstract or figurative compositions I often use, in addition to oils, other kinds of media, such as plaster, fabric, pigments, and resin, to create texture and engage on a more visceral level. I find myself inspired by the rich and colorful art of Tibet, and my compositions aim to evoke stillness, peace, and balance.

Both my abstract paintings and realistic portraits celebrate the preciousness of life in all its fragility and thus invite us to reconnect…


© Jannick Wildberg 2016